Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Have I mentioned in the last 30 seconds how much I LOVE MY JOB? It's amazing. The company I work for does a HUGE Sub for Santa every Christmas, and this was the first time I've been a part of it. It kicked off yesterday when we all went shopping for the kids we were assigned. We each had 2. Tonight we wrapped all of the gifts, and the rest of the week we are visiting the schools to deliver the gifts to the kids. Tonight I was grouchy, and sad, and just not feeling it. I had to do a little more shopping and was anti people at the store. Then we pulled up to my work to go start wrapping. We walked into the gym where the room was filled with wrapping stations that were set up and I started to cry. Possibly 2 steps away from the ugly cry. It was so emotional to see how many people were a part of this and how many kids will benefit. The room was filled to the max of people wrapping gifts for these sweet kids. Presents everywhere, wrapping paper flying, Christmas music playing, and kids running around being wild. It was beyond moving and my little Grinch heart warmed up quite a bit within an instant. I love, love, love working for a company that cares about helping the community and those in need. And they don't do anything small scale. I believe there were close to 2,000 kids that will have a Christmas this year because of this amazing company. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


Life has been a little nuts the last month or so and it's finally in a really, really good place. I am happy. I have been noticing quotes on pinterest that are summing it up. Here are a few favorites:


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ba Humbug

I was home alone tonight so I thought it only fitting to watch Home Alone as I wrapped Christmas presents. This is my all time favorite time of the year, and unfortunately I'm struggling to get in the spirit. I thought this might help... it didn't.

Thanksgiving 2012

This is what Thanksgiving Day looked like around our house this year:

Halloween 2012

I am NOT a Halloween fan, never have been. The only thing I like about Halloween is that the day after I can decorate for Christmas. But this year was different. A few people on our team at work decided we were going to dress up as a group, so as much as I wanted to boycotted Halloween, I wasn't able to this year. It was decided that we were going to be a Mariachi Band. It turned out awesome. We made quite the scene as we roamed the halls at work singing:
Aye yaye yaye yaye 
We are recruiting banditos
We want to hire people for you
We hope to be your amigos

Check out the costumes.  Best looking Mariachi band you ever did see! My favorite part? The mustaches!! They were constantly falling off or were crooked, and I was told on more than one occasion that mine looked the most natural. Thanks guys :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ronald McDonald House

This week was a little rough. By Monday morning I was already checking to see if it was Friday. But it got better. Thursday night my department at work went to the Ronald McDonald House to do some volunteer work and it was just what I needed. Sadly, it was the first time I had been there, but it definitely wont be the last. 4 of us from the department headed up after work, some brought their families. We ended up cooking dinner for the families staying there. We also took a tour of the house and learned more about what they do there, which is amazing. Then once dinner was ready the families came in to eat. We sat down with different families and learned their story. I was amazed at their positive attitudes through extremely hard times. It was inspiring. I can't wait to go again.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Post

  •  I am so loving my job. My boss is amazing and I have never loved working for someone so much.He truly cares about each member of his team and has our back completely. He also puts so much time and effort into making our day fun. He is awesome. And my team is awesome and we laugh so so much and I learn so much from them each day. I love that I go to work and actually look forward to going there each day and spend most of the day laughing. I am still pinching myself. I am a lucky girl.
  • On that note, guess who couldn't stand to be away from me each day that SHE now works there too? You guessed it, this girl! She started a week ago.

    • We had a company party a few weeks ago and em and Benji came with us. Here are a few picts:
    • We have family pictures scheduled a week from day and I am so looking forward to them. We have yet to take family pictures with our most recent addition (little miss over 3 years ago!) so I can't wait to have some with my whole clan. 
    • Guess what started today?? CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! That's right kids, and I am stoked! It's my favorite time of the year so I end up making it last about 3 months, and it has officially begun.
    • We had a fun night out earlier this week. Mom, Dad, Auntie Em, and I all went to hobby lobby to do some shopping. I wanted a newly decorated Christmas tree this year and so of course I knew exactly who to go to for help. We kind of took over hobby lobby and ended up decorating one of their display trees so we knew exactly what we liked and didn't like. I think it will be lovely. We may have pictures of the finished tree in a few days :) But here is a shot of the hobby lobby tree half way through being decorated. I'm excited to see it all finished!  
    • We had another really fun night with the whole clan on Friday. Audbert just returned from 3 weeks in Peru. So we started the night at one of their favorite Peruvian restaurants and then headed to mom and dad's house for a slide show. It was a lot of fun. I'm sure glad they are back though. 
    • I am ECSTATIC about this.  I have had my eye on the most gorgeous dining table for about 6 months now, and it finally found it's way to our house. It is being delivered in a few weeks, and the new chairs are already in our garage awaiting it's unveiling. I am so in love I've even had dreams about it. Obsessed? Um yes. Pictures soon to come. It is rustic and natural, and so so beautiful. Can't wait to show you.

    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    We've come a long way baby

    Well this project is finally wrapping up after only 8 months (ugh!). Some before shots (double ugh!):
    And some afters:


    I can't even tell you how blessed I feel to have this new job. Every day there is yet another reason why I love it. Here is a brief rundown:
    • The commute is cut in half from where I was working
    • I am literally 2 minutes away from my parents home so I see my family way more often
    • Pay increase- WOO WOO!
    • Free lunch every single day (gourmet food, and please don't ask how the diet is going!)
    • Casual dress every day (like flip flops, hats, and shorts!)
    • I get to sleep in! I don't have to start at the crack of dawn and my commute is shorter, so my alarm is set for almost 2 hours later then before. 2 hours!!! 
    • The people I work with are great, and we laugh all the time. Such a fun environment.
    • Popsicle Friday's
    • I have yet to work a full Friday, as a reward for working so hard through the week they have let us leave early every Friday since I've been there


    This sweet girl gave us a pretty good scare this month. We took both girls to the vet for shots and check ups and was told Soph had a lump that needed to be removed and tested for cancer. Of course I balled a million times and was super scared. She got A LOT of extra loves. So a few days later we scheduled a time to take her in and have the lump removed. It was really hard to do all of this. Both girls have spent more then their share of time in the vet hospital due to the ivermectin poisoning they went through a few years ago, so bringing her back was really hard. Anyway, while she had to be put under for that we also had them clean her teeth and have her spayed so that she wouldn't have to go through all of this again anytime soon. She was able to come home same day, but was definitely not herself for about a week. We did get a call from the vet a few days later, and the lump was in fact cancerous. Again, more tears and a lot of fear. They did say they got all of it and it's something we just need to be consistent about in getting her in to be checked. And thankfully we caught this fast. Scary stuff. We sure love her.