Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Post

  •  I am so loving my job. My boss is amazing and I have never loved working for someone so much.He truly cares about each member of his team and has our back completely. He also puts so much time and effort into making our day fun. He is awesome. And my team is awesome and we laugh so so much and I learn so much from them each day. I love that I go to work and actually look forward to going there each day and spend most of the day laughing. I am still pinching myself. I am a lucky girl.
  • On that note, guess who couldn't stand to be away from me each day that SHE now works there too? You guessed it, this girl! She started a week ago.

    • We had a company party a few weeks ago and em and Benji came with us. Here are a few picts:
    • We have family pictures scheduled a week from day and I am so looking forward to them. We have yet to take family pictures with our most recent addition (little miss over 3 years ago!) so I can't wait to have some with my whole clan. 
    • Guess what started today?? CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! That's right kids, and I am stoked! It's my favorite time of the year so I end up making it last about 3 months, and it has officially begun.
    • We had a fun night out earlier this week. Mom, Dad, Auntie Em, and I all went to hobby lobby to do some shopping. I wanted a newly decorated Christmas tree this year and so of course I knew exactly who to go to for help. We kind of took over hobby lobby and ended up decorating one of their display trees so we knew exactly what we liked and didn't like. I think it will be lovely. We may have pictures of the finished tree in a few days :) But here is a shot of the hobby lobby tree half way through being decorated. I'm excited to see it all finished!  
    • We had another really fun night with the whole clan on Friday. Audbert just returned from 3 weeks in Peru. So we started the night at one of their favorite Peruvian restaurants and then headed to mom and dad's house for a slide show. It was a lot of fun. I'm sure glad they are back though. 
    • I am ECSTATIC about this.  I have had my eye on the most gorgeous dining table for about 6 months now, and it finally found it's way to our house. It is being delivered in a few weeks, and the new chairs are already in our garage awaiting it's unveiling. I am so in love I've even had dreams about it. Obsessed? Um yes. Pictures soon to come. It is rustic and natural, and so so beautiful. Can't wait to show you.

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