Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Have I mentioned in the last 30 seconds how much I LOVE MY JOB? It's amazing. The company I work for does a HUGE Sub for Santa every Christmas, and this was the first time I've been a part of it. It kicked off yesterday when we all went shopping for the kids we were assigned. We each had 2. Tonight we wrapped all of the gifts, and the rest of the week we are visiting the schools to deliver the gifts to the kids. Tonight I was grouchy, and sad, and just not feeling it. I had to do a little more shopping and was anti people at the store. Then we pulled up to my work to go start wrapping. We walked into the gym where the room was filled with wrapping stations that were set up and I started to cry. Possibly 2 steps away from the ugly cry. It was so emotional to see how many people were a part of this and how many kids will benefit. The room was filled to the max of people wrapping gifts for these sweet kids. Presents everywhere, wrapping paper flying, Christmas music playing, and kids running around being wild. It was beyond moving and my little Grinch heart warmed up quite a bit within an instant. I love, love, love working for a company that cares about helping the community and those in need. And they don't do anything small scale. I believe there were close to 2,000 kids that will have a Christmas this year because of this amazing company. 

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