Saturday, September 29, 2012


This sweet girl gave us a pretty good scare this month. We took both girls to the vet for shots and check ups and was told Soph had a lump that needed to be removed and tested for cancer. Of course I balled a million times and was super scared. She got A LOT of extra loves. So a few days later we scheduled a time to take her in and have the lump removed. It was really hard to do all of this. Both girls have spent more then their share of time in the vet hospital due to the ivermectin poisoning they went through a few years ago, so bringing her back was really hard. Anyway, while she had to be put under for that we also had them clean her teeth and have her spayed so that she wouldn't have to go through all of this again anytime soon. She was able to come home same day, but was definitely not herself for about a week. We did get a call from the vet a few days later, and the lump was in fact cancerous. Again, more tears and a lot of fear. They did say they got all of it and it's something we just need to be consistent about in getting her in to be checked. And thankfully we caught this fast. Scary stuff. We sure love her.

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