Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Summed Up

It's been a busy and fun month. Lets begin:

  • We had a 4th of July shindig at our house this year and it was a blasty-blast. We had a BBQ, then played 4th of July bingo. Then we decided last minute to go bowling with the entire gang. That was a lot of fun, mostly because I won both games. And if you remember it differently you are mistaken!
  • Our house guests moved in with their 2 pups and it has been nice. I am seriously reconsidering the whole "sister wife" thing :)
  • Audra's bday party was last Friday at their new home and they hosted a lovely BBQ. Its always so much fun just getting together with the family and laughing. 
  • The next day we all got together for a junkie day of garage sales
  • After GS's we all (minus 1) went to taste of the valley. I've wanted to go for several years but have never gone. It was delightful. Hot and toasty, but delightful. Here is the link to check it out if you've never heard about it.
  • Then off for some shopping with Auntie Em. We hit fashion place, tjmaxx, and LB.
  • And if that wasn't enough for ONE day we met up with mom for a play in the park that evening. 
  • Hot hubby and I have been reading this book that mom loaned us. We are on chapter 2 and already it's changed our life. HIGHLY recommend it. It's been great, we've been reading it on our super long drive home each day and it's been a lot of fun.
  • Sunday is Hot Hubby's b-day so we are doing a pizza & pumpkin pie party at our house (say that 10 times fast), with the gang. Looking forward to that.
  • And lastly, hot hubby has been busy working away in his shop on more beautiful projects. He amazes me at his mad skill and it's so fun to see each new project he makes. 


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