Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Sunday was a lot of fun. We decided to go out with the family to my grandpa's grave for memorial day and then head to our house afterwards to have a BBQ. Earlier in the day though we got a call from my Aunt saying they wanted to come by to see the house. They came over shortly after and we convinced them to stay for the fun. That was a really nice surprise for them to come down! About 5:00 we left them at the house while we met the rest of the family at the grave. I always enjoy going out there and spending some time there. I love seeing all of the flags blow in the wind and remember my grandpa and the great man that he was. We headed back to the house and the BBQ began. Lots of really good food and a lot of laughing. How could it be bad? My aunt and uncle have 4 GORGEOUS girls and it was so much fun to have them there (come back and visit soon!!). Here are some pictures of the fun.


Michael busy at work making hamburger patties

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