Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Miss

Well we had another fiasco with little miss. And it is completely breaking our hearts! A little over a week ago we noticed that every time we would pick her up she would cry. We thought she had hurt her back because she is ALWAYS jumping off things. So we were really careful with her and made an appointment to take her to the vet. Well a few days later it was getting worse and worse and we noticed a spot on her back. Well she is pretty hairy so we had to shave her back (I cried!) to see the spot and noticed there were quite a few spots. They were bigger then a quarter size each and were blister like. We called the vet immediately and got in the next morning. Come to find out it is a chemical burn all along her back. It looks AWFUL and is only getting worse. We have been trying to figure out what she got into and have searched the house high and low and the only thing we could think of is maybe there was some sort of fertilizer on the new sod we just laid and she rolled in it, but even that didn't sound right. Yesterday Michael figured out what it was. We had a guy come work on the shower/bath surround and he had to spray acid on it to dissolve the caulk to separate all of the pieces. We think that is it and that she got some on her. Can you imagine?? Acid on your skin and not being able to tell someone!! It is completely breaking our hearts. The doctor gave us medicine to put on her and we have to do it twice a day but it hurts her to have it touched. She wants to be held and comforted but that hurts her. It's awful. But as long as no one is touching her back she plays like normal and runs and chases everyone and jumps off things she shouldn't. It's so sad. She isn't even a year old and she has had 2 pretty extreme things happen to her already. But she is a brave little trooper and will get through this. If we can keep her from bugging her back we're hoping it will begin to heal. We sure love you little miss ruby!

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Emily said...

I am furious over this. Did they tell you they were going to be using such harsh chemicals????