Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elder Cutie Pie

(Yes that is a green Santa in May!)
On Sunday we talked to Elder Cutie Pie for the last time before he comes home in November. He sounded wonderful and happy and grown up. And to the day I die one of my most favorite sounds in the entire world is hearing that kid laugh! Trust me- if you've heard it you know! It is true what they say that missionaries leave as boys and come home men! I don't think his family or his friends could be more proud of him. This phone call was especially fun because 5 of Roberts friends came over to be there when he called. We put him on speaker and everyone got to talk to him for about 2 hours. It also is really neat to see the friendship he has with these guys (and girl)- they are a great example to him as he is to them. So much fun.
Less than 6 more months buddy!! See you soon!

Grandma/DT/Laura/David John/Dad/Mom/Benji/Em

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