Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No swine flu!

This week has been kind of a bust at our house. Michael has been really sick for the last week. I finally talked him in to getting checked out on Friday to make sure it wasn't swine flu (since he works with a few people that have it). His doctor confirmed it was not swine flu, thank goodness! But it is the normal flu. They also checked him for pneumonia and cleared him of that. Then on Sunday Michael started struggling to breathe and had a lot of pain in his lungs. We called the nurse hot line through our insurance and she said it sounds like pneumonia and to take him into urgent care asap. So in we went. He was checked again for pneumonia there and they confirmed it was not pneumonia. They checked his lungs and said they look perfectly healthy. They ended up just doing a breathing treatment which they normally do for asthma thinking that might help, since he does have asthma. It ended up helping a little but he still is struggling to breathe a bit and his lungs still really hurt. He went into work today for the first day since Wednesday and is having a bit of a tough time. He has almost no voice and both of his jobs are phone jobs. He feels like he still needs to be home in bed but since his first job is commission only he feels he needs to be there. He's been pretty miserable. I am hoping he's on the mend and will start feeling better soon. He finally has an appetite and has been able to keep food down, so that's definitely an improvement.

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