Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

This weekend was very fun and relaxing and much needed. I was off work Friday and ended up just taking a me day. I went for my walk first thing in the morning and then went to do my nails and get a pedicure and went and did some photography around Riverton. Then I came home and worked on laundry while I watched some HGTV. Michael had to work but when he got home around 2:30 we went out for the night. We went and saw UP and were both pretty disturbed by it. It's supposed to be a cute cartoon but it made us both sad! After that we went to dinner for my 1 free meal that week. I chose Spaghetti Mama's, it was delicious! Then we went home and watched some more Frasier seasons.
Saturday Morning I went down to Mom's house and she and I went for our walk at 7:00am around their ward. Then when we got home Em and Benji came over for a big waffle breakfast. I must admit I did partake in this meal but tried to watch portion sizes... so I kind of had 2 free meals this week!! I feel guilty :( Then mom showed me how to make my own magnets and I made about 10 of them that turned out DARLING! Mom and I also played some cards and just sat around talking with everyone. Michael ended up getting off work early and ended up coming down to mom's house. We all ended up going to the Freedom Festival down in Provo on Center Street. It was fun. Lots of fun booths and games. The thing I thought was the coolest was this lady that was making her own lace like they did in the "old days". It was amazing! She used all of these little bobbins and a pillow to do it with. I could have watched her for hours!

Michael got his picture taken with star wars characters. And Benji ended up jousting. We had a good time.
Sunday Michael and I were both so exhausted- I think we may have had a little too much sun on Saturday that we spent most the day being lazy and watching TV. It was a much needed do nothing kind of day. I really enjoyed being with all of my family and just talking and hanging out Saturday. And having a 3 day weekend never hurts either!! Hope you all had a happy 4th!

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