Thursday, June 18, 2009


For some reason today I would like to be just about anywhere other then work. I'm dreaming of walking down the streets of Las Vegas outside the Bellagio where it's 102 degrees outside and feeling the sun and mists of water on my face. I'm dreaming of being back in Mexico on the sailing excursion where we were in our swimming suits hanging our legs and bare feet off the side of the boat and having the waves splash them as the captain sailed on for hours, us wishing he'd never stop. I'm dreaming of walking around Disney Land together hand in hand with my new hubby and excitedly waiting in line at space mountain only to run back to the end of the line again the second we got off the ride, and repeating this process until we're both sick! Michael and I have had some really fun vacations together, and I'm just wishing we were on one today.

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