Monday, May 11, 2009

Elder Packham

I was completely spoiled this weekend! On Saturday night my parents were expecting a phone call from Robert to let them know when he would be calling home on Mothers day. He called around 9:00pm to let them know that on Sunday he'd be calling home at 8:30 and they talked for about 5 minutes and he had to go. Then a few minutes later the time changed that he would be calling home so he got to call home again to let them know, however they weren't home when he called so he called, you guessed it... yours truly. I got 30 minutes to talk to him just he and I. I was on such a high I couldn't get to sleep that night!! Then Sunday we headed to Moms for mothers day and at 9:30 he called home. We had him on speaker phone for everyone to hear and talk to him... it was so great. He was able to talk for about an hour and 45 minutes and it was fantastic. He sounds so happy and just is as funny as ever. We all did pretty good, and didn't tear up until the end. He is a fourth of the way done with his mission. His Spanish is getting really good and multiple times on the phone he would say Spanish words when he was trying to say an English word or vice versa. It was very entertaining. We love you so much buddy!


Kim said...

I can't believe Robert is old enough to be on a mission, where does the time go?

Betsy said...

I know!! He sounded so happy though. And i told him about mark's call on saturday when I talked to him and he was SO excited for him!!