Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary My Love! Here's to Many More!

Here's where it all began! Michael and I both worked at this building in American Fork- but worked for different companies. The drinking fountain was across from his office and the break room and vending machines were across from my office. I never drank so much water in all my life, and he never ate so much junk food in all of his! We would walk by the others office a million times a day just so we could sneak a peak at the other. Finally after several months of doing this, Michael stopped me in the hall and introduced himself. It took us a little while, but about 2 years later we started dating. He was definately worth the wait!

This was our first trip together. We started dating in January and we took this trip in February together. We went to Las Vegas for the Nascar race.

After a year and a half of dating we got engaged in May of 2005

We got married September 9, 2005. What a handsome groom!

These are a few pictures from our trip last February. I won an all expense paid Las Vegas Vacation/Mexican Cruise with my company. We have a lot of good memories from this trip!

I love you Michael!

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