Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's been awhile

What have we been up to you ask?
  • Dad was in the hospital again for about a week. He gave us a GOOOOOOD scare this time. The doctors thought he may have MS, but after several days and MANY tests, they cleared him of that and chalked it up to another stroke and possibly some seizures.  He is back home and 98% back to normal and we are so glad to be seeing him at home instead of the hospital bed.
  • We had our annual garage sale about 2 weeks ago and it was another success. We were so good, we got rid of so.much.stuff! It felt wonderful.Our basement was so packed we could barely walk around, and now it looks almost completely empty! Love that! The goal was to do some serious decluttering, and make enough to pay off my hospital bills from the seizures- mission accomplished!
  • And speaking of seizures, mine were happening at least once a week for quite awhile and my last one was over 3 weeks ago!! Can i hear a WOOHOO!?!
  • From said garage sale, both Michael and I think we may have been cured of our garage sale addiction. We have gone in rain and snow for YEARS, and now haven't been in weeks nor have a desire to. Today, Saturday, instead of waking up at the crack of dawn I slept in til 10! I could get used to this!!
  • Fathers day get together at Audberts lovely new home and they know how to throw a party. It was lovely. Great company, fun entertainment, and amazing food. It was a blast. Pictures to come.
  • And then there is my latest project, or should I say the project that will not end, our master bedroom. Yes, i started this project in early February, and it is still not done.But, I made huge headway today so I had to share some picts. Separate post to come.
  • Hot hubby was soooo excited to get the garage cleared out after the garage sale so he could start working on putting his garage together. He got em and benji's old kitchen cabinets when they remodeled and so he has been anxiously waiting to install them in our garage. It is looking great and he is a happy camper!


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