Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Today was fun. Kim met me for lunch up in SLC which was fun because she's been living out of state for the last year or so. We tried a new Thai place that was FABULOUS! It was fun catching up with her!
Then after work we came home and actually had a bit of energy for a change. I think it's spring in the air that's doing it! Hot hubby went out in the shop and did some turning on his lathe which he has just been itching to do! And i was in the kitchen baking away. I made this and this. The monkey bars I've never made but the house smells divine because of them. The pineapple coconut bars I've made before and not a single complaint. They are addicting!! But beware- it makes a ginormous pan and you could seriously eat the whole pan in one sitting. I have a feeling they are going to work with us this week!

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Kim said...

Why did we not take a picture??? I even had my hair done and everything!!