Friday, March 9, 2012


I landed myself in the ER again last night. I was kind of struggling at work throughout the day. I felt weak, and I had a lot of pressure in my head. My right side of my body felt really heavy, and some of the basic things I do at work on a daily basis I wasn't able to do or was having trouble doing. I was trying to ignore all of it an just chalked it up to my new diet I've been on the last few weeks thinking I'm just not getting enough calories. When Michael picked me up I was telling him about it and he said we're going to the hospital. I didn't want to so he "compromised" and said we'll just go to instacare. Him knowing full well they would take me to the er- and that they did. When we checked in at instacare they immediately got a wheelchair checked my vitals and took me over. It was REALLY scary. When you go into the ER normally you wait a while and then see one doctor, this time they wasted NO time and I had 10+ people working on me at one time all doing something different, asking different questions, and hooking me up to different machines. By the end of the night I had a ct scan, an MRI, an EKG, and blood work. They were concerned I had a stroke. I wasn't able to say the words I was trying to say and I wasn't able answer simple questions. I remember my dad being the same way when he had his. He knew what he wanted to say and couldn't get the words out, or would answer a question and knew he was wrong but that was the answer he had. I got several questions right but some very basic ones I just couldn't get. The frustrating thing was most of the day I was able to function just fine- but then would be stumped by the same few things.
By the end of the night all test results were in and everything came back normal. They sent me home and now want me to meet with a neurologist to discuss possible seizures that may be causing these symptoms and more testing- which is scheduled a few weeks out. I'm back to feeling like a test dummy, where something is clearly wrong but nobody knows what.
They suggested I stay home today with supervision. So I'm home. Some symptoms still the same as yesterday. I still cant remember what month we're in or what day my birthday is. I still have pressure in my head, I still feel weak, and I feel like i'm in a daze.

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