Sunday, February 19, 2012


I think Sundays are quickly becoming pizza day around our house. I didn't get pictures last time so here are today's creations... SO GOOD! Why have we not done this before? My fav (left) consists of harry & davids artichoke spread as the "sauce", red onions, red olives, feta, and bacon. Michael's fav (right) consists of olive oil and garlic as the "sauce", tomato, salt & pepper, red onion, bacon and mozzarella cheese. How could it be bad.
Here is a little update on the master bedroom. The paint color I chose is called November rain by benjamin moore. I saw it in a picture and LOVED it, however on our walls, it doesn't look the same, but we'll make it work I guess. It's a very pale gray/blue but looks pretty with the browns in the room. And the new light, can I just tell you how happy i am to not have the 70's ceiling fan anymore? SUCH an improvement!! Lots left to do but it's a start and already an improvement.

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