Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

We are still adjusting to the new little pup at our house. Things are definitely different but in a good way. Soph has become more territorial about her bones, her puppy chow, her water bowl, her house, and her yard... I think she's ready for Ruby to go. Ruby wants to be with Soph no matter where she is or what she's doing- she wants to be right there with her. She'll whine if she is out of her sight. We've had a few minor accidents- ruby fell off the bed and into the pile of laundry on the floor- head first. She also went down the other end of the bed head first and caught herself on one of the bed poles... she's getting more brave each day- she's learned to jump off the couch now and she takes the stairs as confidently and natural as Soph does, but has a few more slips and falls then she does since she's still new at it. She wants to be carried a lot and wants to be held and loved on if we're home and in her sight. She's definitely doing well on the potty training and is actually helping Soph to be better at it as well. That was a happy surprise! Things are going well. We are exhausted from getting a little less sleep, but it's well worth it!
BTW- Ruby's middle name has changed about 12 times since we got her- it's been Ruby Loo Hoo, Ruby Tuesday, Ruby May, Ruby Lou... still working on it.

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