Thursday, April 16, 2009

Job Hunting Update

Things are about the same at our house. Michael has been busy looking for a new job and we are praying that he'll find something that will provide for us and that he'll be happy and successful doing. Every morning he gets up at 7:00, hops in the shower and gets in his suit. He works at his computer all day long applying for all sorts of jobs and calling everyone he knows and has worked with in the past to see what companies are hiring. He's applied with multiple staffing agencies and has his resume on several websites like monster and We are hoping that something comes of all of his hard work soon! We are still waiting to hear if unemployment will be approved, that will help us tremendously so we are waiting anxiously for that news- which we are told can take up to 4 weeks. We have been so grateful lately for our jobs and that we had not been involved with any of the lay offs or anything else that we all continue to hear so much about on the news, so Friday was quite a blow to our family. But we keep saying we've been through harder things then this and have made it through. So I'm sure this is just a trial we are being given so we can learn and grow from.


Rachael said...

Hang in there guys! something will come up! Let us know if you need anything!

BAWC said...

glad to hear that michael is so motivated, it will pay off, no worries.