Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung... hallelujah!

Michael and I both get pretty depressed during the winter and this year was no exception. We are summer people and LOVE being outside and on the go. The weather has been amazing this week and we've started walking outside each night together with Ms. Sophie Sue and it's been so great!
Just to be out in the fresh air has done wonders for our moods!

I set a few goals for myself last Sunday and I'm putting them here on the blog so hopefully that helps me keep them better (we'll see!). I am actually doing really well with them so far! Yes, it's still early but so far so good.
Wish me luck!

Daily Walk

Daily scripture study

Daily personal prayer

Daily couples prayer

All 3 hours of church for the next 4 weeks

Make dinner at least 3x/week

I also have some very exciting news!! GARAGE SALE SEASON HAS BEGUN!!!
And you know what that means- this lady is one happy lady!!



Elisa said...

Good goals! Keep us posted on how they're going!

I did a little 'garage sale-ing' last year and got two 12in. bikes for the kids ($5 each) and a couple kids scooters. But by next year, Elisabeth is going to be too big for her 12in and is going to need a 14 or 16in. So I'll be heading out again this year searching for that.

Any good locations that usually always have great stuff? When I found their bikes last year it was on 1300, on the way to the temple. Let me know if you have any tips to shopping :)

BAWC said...

sounds like good goals. eye of the tiger :) i am loving the weather too, i am so much happier now.

Betsy said...

I think the best areas are sandy/draer and then sugarhouse. We'll keep an eye out for a bike. We had so much fun! I am so happy they started again!! YIPPEE FOR SPRING!