Friday, December 5, 2008


Can I just tell you how much I love the weekends?? I LIVE for them!! I swear the attitude Michael and I have when Friday night rolls around as compared to when Monday morning rolls around is night and day!
Today I got off work early at about 3:00 and started our usual Friday ritual. Friday night we generally spend the night cleaning the house, doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping (sometimes)... and usually end up going for some cafe rio (yummo!) or chinese. Tonight we added to the ritual: wrapping Christmas presents, making Robert some pumpkin chocolate chip bread to send to him tomorrow and we also made time for a little relaxing. We watched ER and the office that we missed earlier this week. HILARIOUS! It's a good day. I just really, REALLY love my weekends!
Speaking of baking bread, lately I have really been enjoying cooking. I am finding it very relaxing. Tonight I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes before starting to make the pumpkin bread. I do not like to cook in a messy kitchen, does anyone? Not only was I cooking in a clean kitchen, but then I lit a delicious candle to have in the kitchen (salt city wassail... (heaven!) or may I suggest pomegranate or welcome home also by salt city) and poured my all time favorite glass of pomegranate tea with the bead ice... how can it not be a good evening? I tell ya, it was most delightful! I even ended up being drenched in vegetable oil and I can still say it was delightful!
Anyway... it's friday! Thank goodness it's friday!!