Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christopherson Update

It feels like we have been on the go non stop lately so here is a few of the things we've been up to. Michael had his appointment with the surgeon and decided that YES he does have to have surgery on his neck. We have it planned for February and were excited to have it done but also a little nervous. We are hoping that it's very successful and that Michael will get his life back after this! Wish us luck!!
We have gotten 2 letters from Robert since being in the MTC. He is doing well. It sounded like Sunday was kind of hard for him but he is doing better now. He really enjoys it there and after being there only a few days they are now making them say EVERYTHING in Spanish. He also said he's been getting in trouble from his roommates and companion because he's getting a package each day and they aren't. I guess that's a good problem to have though right?? Last night I sent a package with things for each of them so hopefully he wont get in trouble anymore :)
We've been getting ready for the holidays. Michael and I have been doing lots of Christmas shopping and have been wrapping gifts (which by the way, Costco has a set of things to help you wrap easier it's AMAZING!! It has a thing you put on your wrist that dispenses tape it also has a paper cutter that works way better then scissors... it's great!!) we also finally decorated our tree and moved furniture around so that we have our living room back (instead of a dining room) for the holidays.
Last night I got to cookin! I made the ever classic green bean casserole and my favorite thing of all times- Christmas cranberry salad. It's heavenly!! I'll have to post that recipe. It's so delish!! I'm also in charge of stuffing this year which is scary. My moms is always the best so she's going to help me make it. Hopefully it's as good. I'm also making the candied yams (probably my second favorite thing!!). Who doesn't love thanksgiving dinner right? It's going to be different without Robert there and Emily and Ben are with his family for thanksgiving so it's will be pretty small this year.
Anyway, Michael and I are really looking forward to our 4 day break!! We are hoping that one of the days we can have a pj/movie day and do nothing but sleep if we want. How nice does that sound!!

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