Monday, December 29, 2008

Pretty Scary

The day after Christmas I decided to brave the crowds and go to the after Christmas sales. I got up at 5:30 am. It started off pretty good but the weather was pretty nasty. I had the car (not 4 wheel drive) because Michael had to work and works about an hour away so he had the truck with him. I went to target first and scored some fun things. Then headed to walmart and then to tai pan trading. As soon as I was leaving there my check engine light came on so I called Michael and he told me a few things to check. He guessed it was the oil. So I started to head home (slipping and sliding all over the icy roads mind you!). When I got home I filled the oil and checked a few other things. An hour or two later I came to check the car and the light was off so I figured he was right and it was just the oil. So, me being the bright girl that I am headed out to the stores, again. I headed to the target on bangerter, and as I'm driving down bangerter at a speed way to fast for the weather conditions I completely lost control of the car and did 3 full turns into oncoming traffic and ended up completely packed into a snow pile on the side of the road. I was COMPLETELY shaking and freaked out. 2 trucks full of men immediately stopped and checked on me and the car. Amazingly enough I didn't hit anyone or anything other then the snow pile. A police officer also stopped a minute or two later and ended up stopping traffic for us so they could push me out. They got me out and I drove home and made it there safely. I couldn't believe how stupid I had been and all of this to save 50% on wrapping paper and other dumb items. I knew earlier in the day when the car was having trouble that this was a sign to me to go home and not be out driving in this weather. But it took me almost getting really hurt to acknowledge this sign. I was truly blessed that day!


rachael said...

betsy, Girl, no more shopping or driving for you! sorry you had such a bad day! we need to do an ice cream night!!!

Kim said...

Hey Betsy,
that sounds very scary, I'm glad you're okay!
I love the blog!
Kim I.