Monday, November 3, 2008

Things I'm greatful for today...

1.Fabreeze- They just came out with a whole new line of cleaning products. Mop cleaner, all purpose cleaner, new air freshener etc... it's wonderful and makes your house smell delish!
2. Rainy days- I LOVED how beautiful it was over the weekend. We stayed in pjs almost the whole day yesterday!!
3. Health Insurance... again!! I can't stress it enough. With as much health issues as we have, I am so grateful for this!
4. Our jobs!! About 4 years ago we both lost our jobs in the same week right before Christmas and that is never far from our minds. That was a very scary time for us and we are very grateful that we both have good jobs right now and are able to pay our bills each month!

1 comment:

rachael said...

good post. i love rainy days when you can keep your pjs on . its so cozy