Monday, September 15, 2008

This one's for you... Em

Funny story, my sister Emily was looking over my blog when I first started it and she saw the picture of our first garage sale posting, the next time I spoke to her she was telling me that she is not going to help us move because we got so much junk this season... news flash- that was only one day of garage sales, not the whole season! So then she REALLY wasn't going to help us move when she found that out! So, I got to thinking Saturday about how we really need to start planning for our move, whenever it happens, and try to get a little more organized then we have been. So, WE ARE HAVING A GARAGE SALE! YIPPEE! I think I have a sickness called garagesaleitis. Does anyone else have this? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Anyway, so we started going through all of our things, and tried to declutter. Seriously, who needs 15 drink pitchers?? We moved everything that is up for sale into our garage and we are currently working on getting everything priced. I really hope most of it sells because our home is so nice and organized right now after moving all of that junk out!!
Now will you help us move Em?? I wish I would have taken before pictures so you could really get the full effect, but I'll post my after pictures when I get home. You'll be so proud!
If all goes as planned- garage sale at our house- this Saturday 8am! Come on over!!

We can actually see the floor! Almost everything is in bins! Yippee!

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