Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Catching Up

  • 7 years ago today this cute guy married this crazy girl. I am so lucky!
  • Auntie Em turned 27 for the 5th straight year. We got together for a bbq at our house and had fun like we always do. We played a board game and laughed a ton and ate delicious food.

  • Audberts 1st anniversary is Thursday. Hard to believe this is only year 1!

  • I start my new job tomorrow and have a mix of emotions. Excited, nervous, happy, anxious. Can't wait to get started. 
  • The diet it going well. I got down 12 pounds and then added 2. Since I've been off work I've been off my routine and we've been eating out again, so routine will hopefully start up again this week with me being back to work and having the same day to day routine again. But not bad for 1 month! I already feel my clothes fitting better or differently, and fitting into smaller sizes. Hopefully month 2 is as successful!
  • I am sure I'm the last person on the planet who is using this stuff, but if you aren't you must start!! I was introduced to Moroccan Oil for your hair and it's amazing! After only one use I already notice a difference. My hair is so super soft and looks a million times healthier!!

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