Sunday, June 24, 2012


This was our weekend:

If you haven't heard, Eagle Mountain and Saratoga went up in flames a few days ago due to some kids skeet shooting in the mountains. Apparently the first night it was decided to let the flames try to burn themselves out, but clearly that didn't work when the next day the fire had more then doubled in size. Michael called me at work yesterday saying the Ranches were being evacuated and we needed to head home. So we left and called family to come help get us packed up. Michael had to go back to work (yes, you read that right and yes I am as appalled as you are!) while me and my family packed up what we could, grabbed our girls and evacuated our home. Just in the time we got to the house and the time we left the house the fire had gotten significantly worse. At about 11PM we decided to try to go home (they weren't letting people in earlier, just letting people out) to us it was better to know what was going on and how bad things were then to be in Orem guessing. Our awesome family had several places for us to stay if we needed them.We were able to stay in our house that night, it was still burning like crazy and smoke everywhere but we wanted to be in our home that night and keep an eye on things. Everything is still boxed up, pictures, clothing, important docs and more, if we need them. Today, things are more under control and they have more man power fighting this fire. There is a lot of smoke, our house smells like smoke inside, but thankfully that is the extent as of now. It's been a crazy and very scary last couple of days!

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