Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today was a fun Saturday. Although it was one of those days when you are exhausted by the end of the day, have been going non stop, and have really nothing to show for it. We started the day off with garage sales, of course. It wasn't a horrible day but it certainly wasn't the best. We got a couple fun things. After that we headed to Lowes to pick up some flower bulbs and herb plants. We ran a couple other errands then headed home to get to work. Hot hubby worked on cleaning out the garage. Then we planted the bulbs which was kind of a job, and at the end- it looked no different then before we started. I'm hoping soon that I have beautiful pink peonies lining our driveway, I will be in heaven!! But with my green thumb I am not holding my breath. I didn't even know which end to plant up and which end to plant down. A gardener I am not! Then we planted the herbs in some galvanized buckets and I was so excited with that little project and how cute they look on our deck. I can't even tell you how much I love the smell of the mint and basil, I just kept breathing in those scents. Yumm! I also picked up some flowers for the urns on the porch, lets hope it's a couple of weeks before I kill those off. Coral geraniums. So pretty. It's nice to have some green around the house! After that I finished painting the bedroom. I had a slight change of plans on what I was going to do in there, so I ended up having a bit more to paint. Tomorrow the curtains will go up and I'll begin to tackle the BIG hutch piece that will be moving into the bedroom. This piece is a beast! It seriously took about 4 people to load into our car when we picked it up a few years back. How we'll get it up to our top level of the house I do not know. I can't wait to see how it turns out though! Then some cooking for meals for next week. I try to do most of the cooking on the weekend because we are both too tired by the time we get home after work.So that's our day wrapped up. Pictures soon to come of "the beast".


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