Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend wrap up

It's been a rough week so boy was I thankful for the weekend. Garage sales, more master bedroom decorating, seeing old friends, errands, garage clean up, cooking, painting, more painting, and even more painting. Hot hubby has pretty much tackled the beast all by himself and is doing an amazing job. It looks so good and he's done an awesome job!! We started making a pile for our yearly garage sale that will be end of May/early June. We're to the point that we want almost everything in the basement gone. Now that our house is filled and decorated for the most part, the rest can go, quickly! I have that spring cleaning fever something serious! We got a great start on cleaning the garage and getting all of hot hubby's lathe tools and wood organized. It is looking awesome and is making him very happy. That boy sure loves his shop! Once the beast moves out of it then he'll really be happy! Picts from today:

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