Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Night #2

Kim, Emily & I wanted to get one more girls night in before Kim moves out of state in a few weeks. We met at my house and had dinner together and then headed out to have much needed pedicures. Then somehow next on the list became a makeover for Kim which included coloring her hair red! How we got to that step I'm not quite sure, but it was fun and made us feel like we were all 15 again! It was a fun night!! This time we even remember to take more then one picture. Here they are:

Kim & Me enjoying being pampered!

Emily (pretending) & me enjoying being pampered. Em stubbed her toe earlier that day
and opted out of the pedicure, but still went to be our entertainment
Me & Kim with our cheesy grins
Finished product- Kim/Betsy/Em
Kim's hair color choice
Em was in charge of coloring and styling Kim's hair
I was in charge of makeup
Finished product

Ooh la la

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