Saturday, April 3, 2010

House week 8

Today we went to the house and because it was so close to being done last week there really wasn't much different this week. They finished the molding on the main level, put up the mirrors in the bathrooms and finished the tub and shower in the master bath. They also started all the touch ups so there was spackle stuff all over the house. I just looked at the calendar to see how many days out we are until closing and I think I had a mild- wait- severe panic attack. 19 days until closing. HOLY COW! 19!!! Less then three weeks and I feel SO unprepared. We were planning to have our garage sale this Saturday and I looked at the weather and it is supposed to rain... awesome. So we moved it back one week to the Saturday before we move (April 17th). PLEASE DON'T RAIN! We still have all the food storage to pack up, the kitchen, the bathrooms and our bedroom. Michael still has his office which we both agreed is the worst part of the whole house to pack... OK I feel the panic attack coming again! So, needless to say lots to do and little time to do it in. Wish us luck!!

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Chocolates for Breakfast said...

what can I say, moving is a nightmare...but look at the dream house you'll be movin in to!