Monday, December 21, 2009

Memory Lane

Over the weekend Michael and I worked on writing our Christmas cards, nothing like waiting til the last minute right? But as I was working on my stack and writing to many wonderful people who have meant a lot to me in my life, I had a million wonderful memories come flooding through my mind. Here are just a few that came to mind...
1. My roommate that I had when I moved out after I returned to Utah was one of the funniest people I've ever met. Her name is Stephanie and I remember most about her and the time we spent together was the talks we would have at night (those and the water fights her, her brother, and I would have at midnight!). We would stay up for hours just talking and laughing and she made everything so much better. I absolutely loved living with her and have nothing but fabulous memories from that period of my life.
2. My boss that I had about 4-5 years ago when we worked for a cosmetic company together, was wonderful. Just wonderful. His name is Mike and he is one of those people that you just wanted to be around. He was such a GOOD person with a heart of gold- he was honest, and caring, and thrived on helping people. He is wonderful!
3. And then there are my dear friends I had growing up through junior high and high school. Oh the trouble we got ourselves into. I had kind of 4 terrific friends during that period- Jena, Kim, Jen and Kim. With Jena and Kim I remember having sleep overs with them as often as we could and staying up til all hours of the night playing what if and rook, calling the mile long list of boys we had crushes on at the time, and calling radio stations to dedicate songs to them. We were ridiculous but we had so much fun. Jen and I would have sleep overs and by the time morning came we each had an entire makeover complete with painted toes, painted finger nails, a new hairdo and full make up. I'm sure we looked terrible but her mom and dad were so patient with us! And her sweet mom would always have a delicious breakfast made for us when we woke up. I wanted to live at thier house and be thier second daughter :) And then there is Kim. Where do I even begin? The sluffing school while driving our GIANT ford galaxy around town. I remember pulling up next to my mom on the road and we all ducked down so she wouldn't see us, and of course hoping she would miss the 50 foot car next to her with no driver or passengers in it. One night we had a movie/dinner night at her house while her parents were out of town and when we returned from getting groceries we drove right through the garage and into the house. I think that one tops the cake! It's amazing that her mom still speaks to us!!
I have a lot of great people that I've had in my life, and I miss them all!!


Kim said...

Favorite Betsy related memories:

1. The german chocolate cake. It's possible that you may never live that down.

2. Bonfires up the canyon, especially the one where we lost Em and Ben and made Ronnie Regan pray for them.

3. Bringing you a get-well basket o stuff after you had surgery.

Possible number 4. Were you there when we were driving past all the houses of the guys we liked and the hubcap fell off the Galaxy and rolled right on to Zach's lawn?

And don't worry, my mom loves you guys, despite the terrible, horrible influence that you were on me. :)

Jen said...

Hee hee - Our sleepovers were the best! Fun times!

Betsy said...

Ok kim, somehow I KNEW that either the chocolate cake or the hollendaise sauce would make your list! And yes, I was there when the hubcap went flying off. Too funny.