Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puppies Update

I don't really even know where to begin with all of this, but will do my best.
Ruby is still in the hospital. She is still in a coma. The doctors did a new procedure yesterday called lipid rescue therapy, which they are hoping the toxins in her body will attach to the lipids and flush out when she urinates. But for now, she is still sleeping. We have a very small amount of progress, but it's progress none the less and we'll take it. When you touch her she will flinch or twitch or move her eyes... we know she knows we are there with her now which to us is huge. We are not sure if they are going to do another lipid therapy treatment because she still has quite a bit of it in her system from yesterday. It's still a waiting game with her. Please pray for her to be strong and keep fighting this.
Sophie is at home. She came home yesterday about 4:30. Because she is so much bigger she was able to process the toxins a lot better then Ruby's 6 pound little body. We were told Sophie would probably be blind due to all of this, but we are now convinced she can see everything. She is really sleepy and weak from everything she has been through, but she is home. We can't stop loving on her and holding her and kissing her. My mom is at home with her today keeping an eye on her. She isn't quite to the point where we can leave her alone. She struggles with the stairs a bit still and is just kind of weak.
I can't remember if I said what caused all of this. We believe they have something called Ivermectin overdose or poisoning. It's from the heart worm medicine that they took. It is currently being tested to see what exactly was put in there because we are pretty sure it was either tampered with or the ingredients were not measured correctly. The bad news is there is no magical pill that will get rid of this it is just a matter of flushing out their systems.
I can not ask enough to please pray for Ruby. We know that Sophie is home and recovering because of prayers that have been said for her. Ruby needs them now. Please pray for her strength and her recovery!


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

yikers, that is soooo scarey! you are all in my thoughts and prayers! hope that they can pinpoint what caused this so it won't happen to any other pets!? hang in there!

Betsy said...

Me too! This really could have hurt a lot of other pets, but everyone thinks it was caught fast enough. Thank you for your prayers!!