Monday, July 27, 2009

They say it's your birthday Dear Michael...

Michael turns the big 3-9 on Wednesday!! We had our family party yesterday and it was really nice. The party was at mom and dad's house and Michael picked what was for dinner. His only request was "MEAT AND MORE MEAT!" (I think I am depriving him of man food at our house lately). So Mom made roast, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, and cooked garden beans. Em made a Cesar salad and I made rolls and cheesecake for dessert. Everything was delicious! We played half a game of hand and foot before everyone showed up to dinner. Then after dinner Michael opened his gifts. A gift card to home depot from mom, dad, and grandma. A gift card to the movies with some candy from Benji and Em. And from me, A gift card for golf with a basket full of orange sobi drinks and his favorite candy, along with 2 tickets to go see cirque de soleil when they are in town in a few weeks. After gifts we sat and talked for a while and then decided to finish our game of cards. It was a really nice afternoon and a perfect way to celebrate Michael!! We are so glad to have you in our family!! I love you sweets!

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