Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Saturday

Yesterday wasn't a great day for garage sales but we still got to be out with each other and found a few good finds.

Michael's big score was a snow board!! My big score was baby clothes- I got 25 outfits that are totally brand new for 10 dollars! And no- I'm not making an announcement. Just preparing :) I also got some vinyl lettering, a craft apron, an envelope maker kit, some storage bins, and a few books (little women, pelican brief, and forgetting Christmas).

After garage sales we ran a bunch of errands, watched a movie, took a nap and had sushi! That's a good Saturday!


Elisa said...

Alright, you need to take me with you some time! This is like an art.

Kimberlyn said...

I didn't know Michael was a snowboarder. You always seem to find the best stuff.

Betsy said...

You are welcome to come any time!! We have a lot of fun!
Michael used to snow board a lot- he hasn't for years but wants to try again now that his neck is doing better. We'll see :)